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FAQ re-do Q2

2. What are the different types of adoption? What are the pros and cons of each?


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  • Adoption typically falls into 3 categories: domestic adoption (typically infants), international adoption, and foster-adopt. Kinship adoption is also a topic that occasionally comes up, in which a family member is adopted, often after a short time in foster care.

    There are no real pros or cons for any type of adoption, just what is right for your family. Factors to consider include

    Domestic adoption:
    Children are usually adopted at birth (this may be your path if you want to experience parenting from the newborn phase on)
    Most domestic adoptions in the US has some level of openness with the birth family
    Fees can range from the low $10K(ish) on up, depending on a host of factors
    Domestic adoption can be done via private avenues, law firms specializing in adoption, facilitators (if allowed in your state), or adoption agencies

    International adoption:

    Children are usually adopted at toddlerhood or older
    Adoptions tend to be closed, as there may or may not be information about the child's birth family
    Fees are in the $40K(ish) range, depending again on a host of factors (including how often you would travel to the child's country of birth during the process)
    This may be an option for those with a particular "pull" toward a country that has adoption agreements with the US

    Foster adoption

    Children may be placed at birth up until when they would age out of the foster care system
    Adoptions may be open or closed, depending on a host of factors
    Fees are generally low
    Some children are still at legal risk (parental rights haven't been terminated), while others are legally free for adoption (parental rights have been terminated)
    Some families choose to be foster parents only (with no plan to adopt), while others have a goal of adopting the children they foster

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