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non fluoride vitamins?

My 4 year olds are finally moving onto fluoride toothpaste. Any recommendations for a multi vitamin? Right now, we're on the prescription fluoride ones. Thanks

Re: non fluoride vitamins?

  • I didn't realize there were fluoride vitamins, what rich have I been under? DD uses fluoride toothpaste and takes Flintstones. I don't think the amount is material to cause excess.
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    Many peds don't recommend vitamins for kids who eat a relatively balanced diet and don't have any growth or other health concerns... but if you feel your LO needs them I would ask your pedi for a rec and I'd stay away from the gummy ones.
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    Because anything gummy sticks in their teeth nd the flintstones first two ingredients are sugar (glucose syrup and sucrose). Pretty sure dentists are very anti gummy vitamins. I don't think there is any harm in giving vitamins to kids who eat well but I sort of doubt there is much benefit and most of it is probably going down the toilet... Also, locarb you prob live in a place with fluoridated water and that is why you didn't know about supplemental fluoride, it isn't necessary if you have it in the water.
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    With good toothbrushing it is likely not a huge deal but ask most dentists & they will tell you to avoid gummy products in general as the binding or whatever makes it gummy makes it stick to and in between teeth longer than the other types of chewables b/c the saliva doesnt dissolve it as easily.

    And yes, giving a multivitamin doesn't hurt, as I said, I just said they were not likely necessary, and the American Academy of Pediatrics agrees so it is just another one of those parent/pediatrician discussions to have.
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    Thanks for all the advice. I called the pediatrician and the nurse said to continue on the multi vitamins with fluoride, even though they're on fluoride toothpaste. I'm not sure if that's too much fluoride? Maybe I'll ask the dentist as well. My girls actually dont like gummy things (they love sweets, though). Thanks again.
  • @NJLH im a dental hygienist in a pediatric dental office and deal with this everyday so i thought id chime in. Are your kids on a fluoride supplement because you don't have fluoride in your water? If this is the case you keep them on it. Fluoride in toothpaste is beneficial for the teeth already present in the mouth. Fluoride in the water, or in your case through a supplement, is good for the developing adult teeth. One has nothing to do with the other. If you have fluoridated water then I would discontinue the fluoride supplement, there is such a thing as too much and it could harm the developing adult teeth. If you're unsure you can always call your water dept and ask them. Hope that helps!
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    Thank you. I believe our water does not have fluoride but I'm going to call and double check!
  • FWIW:  We use the My First Flintstones vitamins.  I avoid the gummies because I don't want DS to think of a vitamin as candy.  We don't keep candy in the house but he has gotten gummy bears on occasion and I don't want him confused.  We always use the word vitamin and remind him that too many can make him sick.

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