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Seeking a VBAC this time around

Hi ladies. I have been lurking on here for a while but, now that we are expecting our second 4/4/14 I thought I should come out of hiding! So here's my story: I was induced with my first on my due date because of borderline pre-e. I did choose to get an epidural because the pitocin was too much for me. I fully dilated, pushed for 2 hours and wound up with a c-section because my daughters heart rate went up and would not come down despite changes in position, etc. My sweet girl was in the NICU for respiratory issues and I was unable to see her for 12 hours when I demanded to get out of bed. This just killed me. Though I have since healed a bit emotionally, I am determined not to let that happen again. Though I have been with my OB forever and really like her, the practice is not supportive of vbacs. I am in NJ and have heard good things about Dr. Garfinkel and midwife Tina Alessi & my ability to VBAC with them. Any NJ moms here with feedback? Any other advice in general? I have really done my research but it's nice to hear real life advice :)

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  • You should check to see if there is an ICAN chapter for that area.  I joined the fb group for the chapter in my area and they have given me lots of information about providers in the area.
  • I'm in NJ - Are you northern or southern? I've been seeing Avalon Midwives (they have offices in Caldwell and Morristown) and they have been great and very supportive. I'm very hopeful I'll have a successful VBAC in a few weeks! good luck!
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  • My story is very similar to yours (except we just started TTC again and I'm not yet pregnant).  I delivered my breech baby via c-section at 37 weeks due to HBP.  

    I've been searching for information on VBAC doctors in NJ too and haven't found much information on my current practice.  I'll definitely be watching this thread!  

    One of the doctors in my current practice said they will do VBACs but I get the sense they are c-section happy.  I've heard good things about All Women's Healthcare in Flemington.  HMC is has a high VBAC success rate, so I'm hoping to deliver there.
    PM me for blog link!

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  • @ashie0610 that's exactly how I feel about my current practice. I have an emotional attachment with my current doc having been with her since my teens but I just know I won't get a fair shake at a VBAC with them. I have heard good things about both HMC and Morristown Memorial for VBAC. I have an acquaintance who had a successful VBAC at MMH using Avalon Midwives. She chose then because it was an all midwife group. She apparently also "interviewed" All Women's Healthcare and the practice I have my appointment with, One to One Female Care, and said she liked both and felt they were solidly pro-VBAC.

    @emecox I'm really in Central NJ. If I don't feel confident with One to One, Avalon midwives will likely be my next stop. Good luck to you!!
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    @ellasmommy2011 That's good to hear.  Another one I've heard good things about is Hackettstown Midwives.  They deliver at MMH though and that's a little far for me.  They even spoke with me over the phone to answer all my questions before we even started TTC.  I'll check out One-to-One too.

    Good luck to you!
    PM me for blog link!

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  • I'm in Monmouth county and I just delivered via vbac at centra state hospital. My group - drs back, Siegel and Goldstein is in freehold. They were extremely supportive!
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