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Thanks for Inspiring Me

With my first born I feel like I was robbed of having a great experience. I was induced before my 40th week due to a "big baby" and after 27 hours of nothing at the hospital I felt forced to consent to a c section. Boy, have I learned so much since that experience. My son was 8lbs 15 oz, even though he was on the larger scale, I am a tall girl and could have easily pushed that head through. I mean, my mom gave brith to a 10 pounder naturally! Ha Ever since that experience, I have been researching VBAC's for my second. Reading all of your success stories is SO inspiring! It gives me hope that I can do what God intended my body to do and to know it is worth traveling 30 or so minutes just to find a doctor and staff who are super supportive! So thanks for being a great, positive forum for Momma's who just want the best!
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