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Choroid plexus cyst

I'm 18 weeks with my first, and hubby & I just found out we are having a little man! Which I would've bet money on!

So with that exciting news, we got some slightly concerning news. Our doc told us that the ultrasound had picked up that our boy may have Choroid plexus cyst. Now in 2 weeks we have to see the specialist & get another anatomic ultrasound making sure everything looks good.

Have any of you other moms been told your little one may have this? I know it is all precautionary & our doc really feels we have little to worry about because everything else looks great. Just wondering

Re: Choroid plexus cyst

  • I'll out myself from lurking for you ;)
    At our AS with my First DD we were told she had several moderate to large Choriod Plexus Cysts...we had a Dr. Doom type Dr at the Perinatal Institute where we had the US done...he scared the living crap out if us and I was beyond worried. Luckily my OB called after she got the results and assured my everything was going to be fine, she firmly believed advances in US technology were making these more and more common/ identifiable. Yes they could be a soft marker but the chances were so slim, she did not want me to worry. I subsequently had several follow up US and they eventually resolved themselves and I have a very healthy 8.5 year old;)

    Its easy to say don't worry, but I know it all sounds so scary...my thoughts and prayers are with you and your little one....the upside is you will get a bunch more US to see your little man!
  • Hey there I'm actually going through the same thing right now I was told my LO has bilateral cysts and an echogenic intracardiac focus. Were scheduled to see a genetics dr on 8/22 we have to have another ultrasound . I've been pretty stressed out about it! I hope the best for you and your baby. Please keep me posted!
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  • These CPC are actually very common - so common that 1 in 4 babies have them. In fact, probably more have them but they go away before the A/S. My son had them and while I found it totally alarming and scary they disappeared a few weeks later. I'm surprised that your OB is sending you to someone right away and not checking back in a few weeks. I'd try not to stress it right now. Best of luck.
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  • With DS2 at our A/S they saw two choroid plexus cysts on the right side of the brain. The doctor highlighted that the cysts in themselves are nothing to worry about, they are benign and the overwhelming majority disappear on their own by the third trimester. Since my NT scan was super great the probability of chromosomal abnormalities remained very low but I was still sent for a detailed 40 minute specialist ultrasound. Where they didn't find any additional signs of abnormalities. As expected the cysts resolved themselves. And needless to say DS2 is perfect :) Good luck. As PP said this is very common.
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  • We just found out today that our LO has a Choroid Plexus Cyst. But no other markers, so this would be an "isolated" cpc as my DR told me.

    Because of my being rh neg, I've been blessed with extra and more in depth blood work. Today we had some additional blood work done - doc says supposed to detect any possible abnormalities with 99.9% accuracy! They also ran another test that should shed more light on things, supposed to take 7-10 days to come back. fingers crossed everything is good! Best of luck to you!
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