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Tomorrow 8/15: Public Display of Breastfeeding Event in NYC

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Breastfeeding Awareness Month here! On August 15th, moms everywhere will breastfeed in public to celebrate in our second annual Public Display of Breastfeeding (PDB) Day. Why make a big deal out of breastfeeding in public? To empower moms and show the world that if a mom chooses to breastfeed, it’s her right to feed her baby whenever and wherever she needs to. The more people who see moms nursing in public, the less of a big deal it’ll be – and that’s the goal.

You can show your support of breastfeeding by doing your own PDB on August 15. Visit to take the pledge and tweet #PDB to us @thebump @BoppyCompany. Tell us where you’re feeding baby and enter to win a huge gift bag filled with breastfeeding essentials.


We’ve partnered with five amazing breastfeeding-friendly retailers to host special PDB events on 8/15! The first 30 moms to arrive at each PDB local event will receive a gift bag full of must-haves from Boon, Boppy, BabyLegs, Earth’s Best, pediped, Kanga Care and more.

Here’s where to go:

Yummy Mummy

1201 Lexington Avenue (between 81st and 82nd streets)

New York, NY 10028

12-3 p.m.


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Re: Tomorrow 8/15: Public Display of Breastfeeding Event in NYC

  • I never felt intimidated or oppressed while nursing my son. I did so when and where as necessary. I do so discreetly and tastefully because that is what made me comfortable. The only thing that ever made me uncomfortable while nursing was overeager, militant women determined to co-opt other mothers into their public display of themselves and their child. It would be great for them to understand that there isn't only one way to be a mother.  
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