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Finally introducing myself!!!

Hello lovelies, I've been lurking here for a while so thought I would introduce myself so I can post questions if I have them and you all seem like you have tons of knowledge. Sorry to begin with if its lengthy. First some tidbits about me:
I love leopard print
I wear my hair in a giant poof and people call me Adele
I have 2 F1 Savannah cats that are my furbabies. Look them up, they are awesome.
I have a chinchilla too.
I have my cosmetology license

So my husband and I have been together for 10 years, engaged for 5, and married for a year. I'm 25, and he is 26 almost 27. We have always wanted kids and would have had them sooner if we everything would've lined up correctly and not been engaged for 5 whole years. Well we are having major baby fever and my hubby was ready now to start TTC however I'm not so much. We are moving next month and I want to get on prenatals and start eating healthier and prepare my brain as well. But we have decided to start TTC February/March!!!! I cannot believe that it's finally coming to this and I am a bit nervous! I'm trying to plan it (which I know might not happen) so that I won't have to take a year off from my seasonal job as a competitive colorguard instructor in the summer/fall. It keeps me creative. :)

Any advice for me to prepare for everything to come? Is it normal to be nervous about it? I'm a planner and so I feel like I need to make sure all my ducks are in a row but when it comes to hubby he is very chill. So it's hard for us sometimes because he thinks it is crazy to plan TTC. Forget it when I tell him I'm going to chart and we have to try when I'm most fertile. Lol.

We are pretty good financially but are saving as much as we can as often as we can. All I slightly worry about is what my family will say. Obviously they will be ecstatic but I know they will be surprised at first. I talk about wanting kids and my mom knows I do but I think she thinks it will be a while as you will always be your parents little girl. Hubby's parents already have a grandchild from his sister and I think since they waited 4 years to have kids that she expects this from us as well. Even though they will be happy too. Anyone else get this assumed opinion since their siblings waited a certain amount of time?

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I'm sorry it was so long. I just didn't want to keep lurking but also wanted to ask the questions to ease my mind. You can cyber slap me if I wrote too much :-D


Re: Finally introducing myself!!!

  • Thanks! Yeah you make sense!!! Ill just relax and see what happens! By the way think more classic with my leopard print and poof, not jersey shore! Lol ;D
  • Welcome! I will probably always picture you as Peggy Bundy based on your tidbits :) Every couple has to find the right balance for planning- there's no perfect way. I found it easier just to initiate sex when the timing was right and not really discuss the technicalities with MH. He didn't really care about the details.
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  • Welcome!   

    As far as preparing the book 'taking charge of your fertility' is a great read about how the process really works.   Signing up for an account on fertility friend is also a good idea.  They have a free option as well as the vip (I used this, but waited until their was a fb fan special).

    I started charting as soon as I stopped birth control.  I agree with bugs in that MH didn't really care for the details about everything.  Problem was sometimes when I was most fertile he didn't feel like it and I pushed it and it wasn't the biggest turn on (yeah I get it) and we might have had a few little fights.  I wouldn't do it again, I would probably just let it go.

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