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Child support..?

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Just in case I have to go this route, I want to hear everyone else's experience with it. I know it varies by state. But I'd like to hear everyone's stories who receives it... Like how was the process, was it a long and hard process, how did they determine the amount etc etc.. Just any advice or personal experience please. I never wanted to go the child support route but if you're not going to voluntarily take care of the child you helped create, you're going to take care of her somehow. Trying to ignore the fact you have a child on the way doesn't make it any less true...YOU STILL HAVE A CHILD ON THE WAY. And it'd be much easier for you to go the easy route than this route but HEY..

And how long did you wait to file

I'm not due until November but with the way things are looking, I want to prep myself if I have to go through this process.

And no we were never married.. Just in case that makes a difference at all.

Re: Child support..?

  • My baby was born in June and I filed for child support in July. I wasn't going to go this route either ... Baby daddy was giving me money... But after he decided to not see his child or have any interaction with either of us. I filled because whose to say he will keep paying.... Anyway. I filled out forms which was basic info about me baby daddy and baby. They said I would get a court day by the end of the year... They are not sure how long it takes because they have to serve him and he has 30 days to respond. So the quicker he gets serve and respond the quicker it would be I guess...and I think they determine how much you get based on how much he makes ... ?? Not too sure ? Soo as of now I'm waiting ... Good luck if you choose this route !
  • Thank you. And good luck to you too
  • How long will depend on if and how he fights it. I'm not sure you can file in most states until after the baby is born, blood testing will be done if he fights it. What he pays will be based on you income his income, and cost of living. It can then be modified in the future if your or his job situation changes. Some states will process the money out of his check like taxes and you will get a check from them, some place the responsibility on him to pay you.

    Thank you
  • Thanks for posting this, it prompted me to make the lawyer appt. I've been putting off. I'm going to have a free consult with a family law attorney in a few weeks. I plan on filing for sole custody and child support as soon as possible after LO arrives. I just want to know what the process will look like, so I know what to expect. The custody will have to be done through a lawyer from my understanding and the child support goes through the state. I spoke with a few other services today and it seems like you can't really do much until baby is here.

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