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Two Thing Tuesday

1. What are some things on your want list? Are you saving them for Christmas or another occasion, or are you saving up? 2. What do you think of the Amish tv shows? Do you think there is any truth to them?

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    1. I'm saving for a little vacation with just DH and me. I also want some type of storage for DS's medical supplies. I'm not anticipating getting either of these for Christmas or anything, though I wouldn't mind it :) 2. I've alway been very intrigued with the Amish. I've read tons of books so I enjoy the tv shows. I'm really curious as to what is real and what is made up.
  • 1. Lot's of things need to be done around the house that we recently bought, finish the basement bathroom, re-do the kitchen etc. Don't think they'll be on the Christmas list, will just have to do one thing at a time!
    2. I haven't really watched the show but think it's amazing what they can do without modern technology. Oh and they make delicious food!
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    1. Well my birthday was yesterday so I got some of the things on my want list: fabric camera strap, shoes & Coach sunglasses!  The one other thing on my list that I didn't get that I want is a wireless printer!  However, that might be coming today as he has hinted that there might still be more presents!

    2. I watch a ton of reality TV shows and have never watched an Amish one! 



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  • 1. Most of my wants right now are baby related (boring I know). The biggest 2 are a Rock n Play and a double stroller. I doubt I'll wait for Christmas for them. I'd love a real vacation, too.

    2. I have never seen an Amish reality show, but I'm not much for reality TV in general.
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  • 1. I want a mini van!!! I paid off my SUV last month so DH wants me to wait at least a yr.
    2. I don't know if they are real or not but they make themselves look like uneducated idiots.

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  • 1. I recently bought the double stroller I wanted. Next thing in my want list is a bigger house.... Not sure how that will work out though.
    2. I watch the Amish shows but I'm just not sure how real it all is. I keep watching anyway.
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  • 1.  I just WANT a week or two vacation... at home...  no kids/hubby!  I want them to go somewhere and have the time of their lives while I have a chance to actually get some work caught up around here!!!  Another couple nights like today for DH and he'll possibly finally have some perspective of why I'm so exhausted/done with the world the second the kids are in bed!

    2..  I watched them in the early days.  Before they got commercialized.  I also grew up in an area of WI with a lot of Amish and Mennonites..  It's a different perspective to say the least.  I've stopped watching them really because it just seems to be too far over the top gone.  The intricacies of the culture are what is most amazing to me in today's society.  Above all else, they still like to be left alone to go about their business and not mingle with the English.  I just wish some English would also respect that...

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  • 1. Cute leather boots for the fall. I also want to find out what sex baby #2 is!!!

    2. I have not seen any Amish shows. I grew up outside of Philadelphia in South Jersey. I've been to Amish areas in Pennsylvania before...they make yummy food!



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  • 1, We just finished our basement, so really I am happy with the house for now, I would like to be able to fit into my old wardrobe for Christmas, I am really hating my maternity clothes right now, glad I will soon be out of them. I am also saving to go to California next summer for my brothers' wedding, so we will not be getting much for ourselves while we save up.

    2, I have watched a couple Amish shows, I don't imagine they are anything like real life, as I don't think any of the reality shows are, but as I am from England I have never been to an Amish community so I have nothing to base this on.

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