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Swedish Med Cntr. Water Births?

Does anyone know if Swedish does water births? I delivered my first child at Swedish 1st Hill, and plan to deliver there again this time around. 
I had an epidural with my first and was in bed for the labor. My body rejected the epidural so I delivered naturally. I felt like it was such a waste of time to get the epidural and I dont want that to happen again so I am researching different labor coping and delivery options.
Does anyone know or has anyone had a water birth at Swedish Medical Center on 1st Hill? 

Re: Swedish Med Cntr. Water Births?

  • I didn't think you could have a water birth in a hospital here in WA. You can labor in a tub I know but I *think* you can only birth in a tub at home or a birth center.
  • I know that Swedish issaquah allows water birth so I would assume the first hill campus does as well. Good question for your ob

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  • I will definitely be asking her at my next appointment. 
  • Yup. So Swedish doesn't do water births but I can definitely labor in a Jacuzzi tub. Which I am excited about. :) 
  • At Swedish First Hill I labored in the tub... It was totally great and was part of my room (in the bathroom). 
  • jazelise said:

    Yup. So Swedish doesn't do water births but I can definitely labor in a Jacuzzi tub. Which I am excited about. :) 

    This. You are allowed to be in the tub as long as you like but their insurance doesn't allow you to actually deliver in the tub.
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  • I am hopeful to labor in the tub too! But I have read they will actually drain the tub of water if they decide there isn't time to move you back to your room.
  • Where do you give birth to if you only labor in the tub? I am looking for something like this, but I don't want to give birth laying down like hospitals normally do.
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  • Try one of the midwife-based birthing centers like Puget Sound Birth Center. You can deliver in a large two-person jacuzzi.
  • At Swedish in Issaquah there is a nice jacuzzi tub in every room you can labor in, just a couple of steps away from the bed. When I gave birth there I used the tub for a few minutes but the back pain was so bad I gave up and got an epidural. Everything was rainbows and kittens after that.
  • Although Swedish doesn't allow water births, I LOVED their jacuzzi tub. It was the only place I felt relief without drugs. I labored for 11 hours before getting an epidural . The tub was AMAZING.
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