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Formula to milk?

Okay I know 8 months is too young to start going off formula. With that being said this is just for future reference :) so no bashing, DD is still getting 21-28oz of formula a day with purée food too :)

DD loves her purée food and oatmeal. I mean loves them! Since she gets them the same time each day, there are times she will refuse a bottle until she's had her food. We are only on food twice a day, but im starting to think she needs another small serving in the afternoon.

So my question is, when do you start decreasing the intake if formula and increasing the intake of food? Plus when do you introduce milk? She has had ice cream and cheese before (milk products) but I assume that's def not the same.

TIA :)
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Re: Formula to milk?

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    You don't decrease the formula at all.  The solids will always be in addition to the regular formula she's been getting.  Some kids will decrease themselves and you don't have to push it too hard as long as she's getting a reasonable amount but you shouldn't aim to have solids replace any of her formula intake.
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    Honestly, they decrease it themselves. The first year you want to stick with formula as her main source of nutrition, and then after a year you can look to a solids diet. Right at this age, 1 or 2 meals is just fine. And ideally you should be trying to feed the formula first so she doesn't fill herself up on solids and not get all the nutrients her growing body needs. I know you said she refuses formula until after she eats a meal, but that's an easy habit to break at this age.

    My LO was eating 3 meals/2 snacks a day at about 12 or 14 months, with 3 cups of milk and as much water as her little heart desired. I would say that's probably your general age from my DD as well as seeing many other babies as a daycare teacher previously.
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    We've been giving DD a bottle first, but she still isn't a huge fan of formula (she's been weaned from being EBF over the past month) -- She definitely prefers the solid food.  We're not decreasing formula any (for the reasons that PPs have stated), but I think that she would if we'd let her.



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