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Bath time tears

A couple of weeks ago I read a post on here talking about the LOs freaking out during bath time. Specifically, LOs freaking out when it comes to getting water on their head/faces. I read that one out loud to my husband because I was so exited to know we weren't the only ones dealing with that.

Guess what!?! We have fixed it!! And I'm here to tell you how!

I shouldn't say was really DH and DD. We took our kids to a park that had a splash pad. DD was a little skeptical at first, yet very intrigued. She just walked around the whole area until she felt comfortable enough to start getting wet. DH just followed her around being very patient. After getting her whole body wet, she then wanted to wet her hair too because she saw all the other kids doing it. DH coached her by telling her to lean her head back into the water so that it wouldn't get in her face and she did just that. The next few bath times DH referenced the day at the park and reminded her to lean her head back and she would....without a fuss. No more crying, no more screaming, we found the cure!
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