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Catch up

Hi Ladies!
How is it going? What's up with your LOs??

Re: Catch up

  • Joshua is such an active kid.  If he is quiet you had better check and see what is going on.  His vocabulary grows everyday.  His two current funnies are saying 'Scuse you baby' when he burps & answering 'Not Yet' when you ask him if he wants to eat or take a nap.

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  • Lots of changes this year for my little guy. New sister, new house, big boy bed, and potty trained! So proud of my little man!

    When we tell him it's nap time he says he is "too busy"... lol.

    It's so wonderful to have little conversations with him now and he definitely has his own personality. I can't believe he'll be 3 in a few days!
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