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Just wanted to check in and see how are you were...((HUGS))
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Re: Cocojack....

  • Hey Givi.  Thanks for looking in on me.  I'm doing better than I thought.  We have come to terms with the whole situation and are waiting to move on... however, the bleeding hasn't started yet, which is real frusterating.  And the kicker, my beta levels keep increasing (not double).  I went in for more b/w today to see where they are at. 

    Since my usual nurses are on vacation this week, the one that called me in didn't know what was going on, she just saw my last b/w results... and actually said "congrats."  I had to explain to her what happened... that was pretty annoying.  I'm glad no one knows (we never told the family) b/c I'd hate for family that didn't know coming up to me and then having to explain the whole situation.

    Anyway, thanks again!

    -- Jackie
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