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Weird Panic Attack Symptoms

Lately the more LO has grown the more I've felt like my heart beats super hard in my chest and can't seem to catch my breath sometimes. I tried to describe the feeling to my RN and OB and they've said it's normal, especially since LO is taking up more space. Has anyone else had this in the past or currently experiencing it? I would love to know if there's something I can do to help the feeling pass quicker.

Re: Weird Panic Attack Symptoms

  • I have the same problem.  My arms and legs start to feel weak and breathing feels strained, my heart sometimes races but mostly just POUNDS really hard- sometimes feels SLOWER rather than faster...idk how to fix it other than to sit down and feel like im about to die for a minute.  I have noticed though that if I question it and start to freak out it just gets worse.  I take prozac for an anxiety disorder(OCD)but I think if I didn't I would become so consumed with fear I'd be on the couch saying my last prayers lol
  • Yes!! Like a slow pounding!! Holy moly. The doc finally told me something other than "Oh that's normally". Apparently when LO stretches out he's putting pressure on my diaphragm causing me to have those symptoms. Honestly it feels like I'm having a mild heart attack! No fun for sure... Thanks though!
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