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Confused by The Bump's Calculations

My date of conception was July 18, which would mean, on August 06, I'm just over two weeks pregnant, and with 27 day-cycles, that should put my due date at April 11.  However, when I indicate that's my due date on my profile, The Bump indicates I'm four weeks pregnant.


Why is that?  Additionally, why does The Bump have 42 weeks on the pregnancy calendar?  (Am I way too type A here?)  I had great success with using for planning my wedding, and only want to track everything as accurately as I can with my pregnancy, too.


Any clarification is much appreciated

Re: Confused by The Bump's Calculations

  • When you reach 40 weeks it is actually you're estimated due date. They have it until 42 weeks because you can be "late" a couple of weeks before try will induce you. The OB will actually look at the first day of your last period to determine your EDD. Well in my case the initial EDD. Mine changed because of the size of my baby at 7 weeks. You are actually already 4 weeks preggers :) Two weeks (give or take a couple of days) from the 1st day of your last period + two weeks since conception. In another month or so you'll get your first ultrasound to really determine where baby is at. Congrats btw! I'm at 36weeks and 5 days. The journey is awesome! Hope this helps!
  • Thank you so much for the feedback!  Your post along with some additional feedback cleared it all up for me.


    All the best to you!

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