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Fired for being pregnant?

I'm a new RI resident and not 100 % familiar with the "at-will" laws regarding employment (I am researching as much as I can).  I am terrified that when I inform my employer that I am pregnant, I will be fired.  I'm trying to wait until after I've been employed for 90 days before I tell them.  The company has no policies in place for maternity leave, either on the franchise level or corporate level.  In RI, what is my best line of defense to protect my employment??

Re: Fired for being pregnant?

  • I'm not sure either, but I would wait til after the 90 days if at all possible. I know they certainly can't ask you if you are pregnant, legally, so why would they be able to fire you if you are? I have some coworkers who were hired while pregnant and waited til they were showing or later. They did not get fired. What type of work if you don't mind me asking?
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  • It's illegal to be fired for being pregnant. 
  • How pregnant are you? I didn't show until I was 7 months. Maybe try to keep it under the radar for a while;-)
  • I experienced this with my first daughter. I was 7 weeks pregnant when I started. Therefore I was not protected by FMLA. Therefore my job did not have to keep my position nor give me 12 weeks of leave. They did but they did not have to. Once I was at my job for a year I was eligible for FMLA and job protection. How long have you been at your job. 
  • They can't say it's because of your pregnancy but if the doctor appointments interfere too much with your work, or if you call out a lot with morning sickness or whatever, they are within their rights to let you go because you can't fulfill the duties assigned when you were hired.

    FMLA only kicks in after 1 year of full time employment with a company that has at least 50 (or is it 75) employees.  Rhode Island has TDI/Short term disability which is amazingly awesome after you deliver.

  • I am a teacher, and just started at a new school. I found out the day before school started that I am four weeks along. I need advice. I don't want to lose my position with the school, and I am so afraid to say anything (I won't be saying a word until I am at least 3 months+, but still...) At this point, I am looking at a May 3 due date, with 6 weeks left of the school year. What should I do?
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