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hello ladies new to the bump and am finding boards that seem very helpful to me, this one definently :)
I had my DS 3 years ago and it was 18 hours of labor, 9 cm and no epidural when all of a sudden *boom* his cord has him stuck in my birth canal and had to go in for emergency Csection.... :(
needless to say it was traumatic for everyone. So we are on baby #2 now and couldnt be more excited, what I am nervous/upset about is the OB that i originally saw( have since scheduled to meet new OB for other reasons) told me I was a perfect candiate for a VBAC, I am terrified of that, at first i was excited but than i researched why most drs opt. to do a Csection after a previous csection and the risk of tearing open internally puts me on edge.
I am an obese woman and as some could imagine internal bleeding is not something that can be easily delt with in an emergency situation... does anyone have their own fears? or had experience with a VBAC?

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  • Did you find the statistics on how many women have a uterine rupture during VBAC?  Statistically speaking the number is very small.  Some doctors do rcs because their insurance or the hospital's insurance requires it.  See if a woman does rupture during a VBAC she can sue and say the doctor/hospital didn't do everything to save her life and win.  However, if she consents to the rcs (even if she doesn't really want one) she can only win a lawsuit if the doctor screws up the surgery.  Even if she ruptures during the surgery the doctors can claim they did everything possible to save her and the baby thus making them out to be the heroes.  Some hospitals don't allow them because they don't want to have to have an OB and Anesthesiologist on standby at the hospital in case a VBAC turns into a rcs.  Of course they won't tell you it's because of insurance or staffing they tell you it's to save your life.  

    I'm not saying there's no risk and it scares me too.  Just make sure you look at all the angles before you make your decision.  
  • I think you need to come to terms with the fact that there are just some risks associated with childbirth that can't be avoided.  What happened with your first birth is pretty uncommon, the risks associated with VBAC are lower (I think...).  The truth of the matter is that there are also risks associated with having a cs, and they occur at about the same rate as the risks associated with having a VBAC.  All of this stuff is very unlikely to happen, but there is no guarantee that things will go smoothly.  The best you can do is educate yourself, decide which risks/benefits matter the most to you, find a care provider that you are comfortable with and make peace with what happened before.

    With regard to your weight, I too am obese and believe that factored into my cs with DS1.  I was the same size with my VBAC baby but I didn't get an epidural and instead chose to labor and deliver in the water, which I believe was a great benefit.  I gave birth in a squatting position which I don't think I would have been physically able to do if I hadn't been in the water.  The buoancy helped me out a ton. 

    Here are a few blogs I would recommend:  "well rounded mama" "birth without fear" and "mama birth"
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  • thanks ladies i will continue my research and will be sure to cover my concerns fully with my new OB. :)
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