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Citrus Lane Subsciption? Any reviews?

Has anyone tried Citrus Lane?  I keep seeing tons of ads on FB and only one friend has it.  I bit the bullet and bought a subscription, but I am still curious to hear from other moms about it.  Most of the reviews online are for toddler boxes.  Mine will be starting with a box for 4mos.

If you are curious about the link below gives you a $10 discount. 

If anyone is interested in seeing what we get let me know and I will post some info on here.



Re: Citrus Lane Subsciption? Any reviews?

  • First box arrived yesterday.

    Loved our first box.  She received a toy from Rich Frog, a book (with a 20% coupon for a future book purchase), kid friendly hand and face wipes, small sample of Wendela Nappy Creme, bottle lease from Ah Goo Baby and voucher for a free outfit from Fab Kids. 



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