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Anyone have experience with the Uppababy Cruz stroller?

I'm a first time NYC mom due in December and trying to choose a stroller. For space reasons, I was hoping to only get one, but I realize a lot of families end up with two. We don't have a car, but I use the subway, buses & taxis a lot. My biggest concerns are being able to fold & carry the stroller by myself if I need to, maneuver easily on city streets and the park, and have a decent storage basket for shopping. I was leaning towards the city mini, but would use it with the carseat for a newborn and was told by staff at buy buy baby that it is unstable with a carseat & tends to tip! So I started looking at other strollers and really like the Cruz- it's smaller and more lightweight than the Vista, folds easily, baby can face either way, and it has a huge storage basket. I think it's much newer than the Vista so I haven't found many reviews yet. I really loved it until one of the sales people told me it has no suspension and rubber tires that wear out quickly and are not replaceable. The staff there really push the bugaboo bee, but I find it difficult to close and awkward to carry. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, the more I look at the strollers the more confused I am! Also, if I go for one of the city strollers, does anyone have an opinion about whether the GT is better? Or the new 4 wheel version? They are both a little heavier but wondering if they might handle better? If you have a completely different stroller but love it, I am open to suggestions!

Re: Anyone have experience with the Uppababy Cruz stroller?

  • We were choosing from the same strollers you mentioned. I was totally unimpressed by the Bugaboo and am convinced that it's nothing more than status. When we were down to the Cruz and the City Mini, the basket was what won me over. I preferred the easy fold of the City Mini over the Cruz, but I hated the itsy bitsy basket with the City Mini. I like that DD can face me in the Cruz and the basket is huge. That said, I drive everywhere. You definitely need 2 hands to open/close the Cruz. If I were relying on the subway, I'd get the City Mini. Closing/opening the Cruz with a baby in your arms will be quite a feat.

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  • Thanks for the advice! I tested out the cruz again in another store and it is definitely harder to close, although the helpful saleswoman told me that many of her customers prefer to use a carrier on the subway- not only because its easier but so you have more control over the baby- no strangers on the subway touching/ ogling baby which is something I hadn't even thought of...I think overall the cruz is a better stroller but not for the subway. So either I have to go with he mini and accept its limitations, or resign myself to using a baby carrier for he subway and getting an umbrella stroller later on but using the cruz as my main stroller for serious walking, park outings, etc....
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  • We bought the Cruz but haven't used it yet. I only plan on using it on the subway if my husband is with me to help carry it up and down stairs. If I have to travel alone then I'll definitely use a carrier. It's just easier. Even if it were easy to fold, it's still kind of dangerous to try to carry the stroller in one hand, baby in the other, and not to mention gear like a diaper bag. Too much potential for falling without a free hand to even grab the railing!
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