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Norfolk area OBGYN recommendations

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Hi all! Our family is relocating to the Norfolk area in early September.  I am currently 8 weeks pregnant, and am looking at finding a good OBGYN in the area. We will be living in the Carrollton area. At this point I will drive to a good OBGYN if I must. I am high risk, so I want a good Dr and hospital where my needs can be met. My dr didnt have any referrals for me, due to not knowing anyone in that area. Im getting nervous that as of right now I have no clue where to start with recommendations because I have none. :( Thanks in advance ladies!! :))

Re: Norfolk area OBGYN recommendations

  • I'm in Carrollton, too! Will you be in Eagle Harbor?

    We go to the birthing center at DePaul at Bon Secours in Norfolk. Loving it so far. They have both midwives and MDs and are a part of the Bon Secours hospital! :) Is this your first?? We drive about 30 minutes. Not terrible. I'm about 8 weeks as well.
  • Yes!!! I am living in Eagle Harbor as well!! Small world, huh? No, this isnt my first. I have two boys as well. :) 
    Just spoke with Monarch last week. I will be seeing Dr Lee. They seem amazing. Can't wait to meet them!
    How is the Maryview Bon Secours??

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  • I know I'm late to the game, but just wanted to say that my sister lives in Eagle Harbor and we spend a lot of time there in the Summer with her kiddos. Great community to have a family in.. especially at pool time!
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    My sister and I both go here: 

    It's in Virginia Beach and I absolutely love them. It's my first pregnancy and they are so supportive. If I leave a message while they are busy, they always call back ASAP.
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