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Christmas on my Mind - (Repost from Toddlers 24+)

With all the christmas in July sales that were going on, i started thinking. Who has already started their lists/planning their schedules for Holiday Season? My Girl is going to be 2.5 on december, do you have something you recommend for that age? When do you start normally your holiday shopping? What do you plan if anything to give to non close adults (like a shared secretary, work colleagues, neighbors)? Were can i buy cheap discounted holiday dress for DD (no matter if is older "seasons"? Every year i get delayed and end up with a ton of money spent, but this year we are forseeing to be really tight due that my car broke down and we are buying one now, so i really want to start timely, plan wisely, spend carefully, but also want my family enjoying a rather "normal" christmas.. Any thoughts, recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Christmas on my Mind - (Repost from Toddlers 24+)

  • We don't give DD much for holidays at this point because she gets plenty from grandparents.  I am stocking up on some school supplies (markers, scissors, etc) during the back to school sales and plan to give her those in her stocking.  We may get her a new baby doll or something as her "big" gift but most likely will spend less than $25 total on her.  Craft kits have been a big hit with my niece and now DD and you can get those at Michael's on sale or use a 40-50% off coupon from the Sunday paper.  You can get away with spending very little at this age because they are wanting the high tech things kids want later on.  I also keep my eyes open for good sales and keep a few gifts on hand to use for DD or her friends' birthdays.  Last year we ended up staying home sick for Christmas so I grabbed a couple of those gifts so she would have something to open.  

    We don't give gifts to non close adults unless it is something homemade (cookies, breads, caramel corn, etc).  I am inviting my mom, grandmother and MIL to bake cookies with us this year so we may deliver a few to close neighbors.  

    You can look for holiday dresses at consignment stores or thrift stores.  We have a couple hand me downs so fortunately I don't have to buy her one this year.  
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