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I just needed to vent about money and how much I HATE it.  I hate that I'm 32 weeks pregnant and have no health insurance.  I hate that AHCCCS has taken longer than 20 days to approve/deny our application.  I hate that we make too much money to qualify for 'free' things but not enough money to pay for our own private insurance.  I am so mad at myself for not being able to get my son his proper checkups and vaccines.  I'm lucky he's a healthy, strong, smart boy.  I hate knowing that we owe over $10,000.00 in medical bills- and we will NEVER be out of debt.  I hate being so negative and depressed all the time.  I hate putting on a fake smile until I break down at the end of every day.  I am so not happy right now.
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Re: Just a vent

  • I wonder why they are taking so long to get back to you. Did you apply at the doctor's office or at a DES office? I applied at the OB office through Arizona Baby. It took about a month to get back to us but we did it really early in our pregnancy.
    Super sorry that you're going through this though :( it definitely doesn't help if people are constantly saying don't stress out about it. I'll send you some prayers that everything gets settled quickly so you can enjoy your last months with the family instead of stressing.
  • Gurl!! Preach!!! I HATE it too!  I was in the same boat!  AT 8 months pregnant I got fired... we made too much to qualify and not enough to pay our bills.  DES went over the max amount of days they said it would to get back to me so I went in person and sat there all day and waited my turn.... then found out all my PERSONAL information I fax they had no clue where it was and then they were mad I only brought copies and not the original!

    Our system is soo screwed up!!!  I worked in social work... the job I got "let go from" (because of my pregnancy, another vent) all of my clients were on AHCCCS and food stamps etc, and 99% of them abuse it and live nicer than I do!  Its crazy!

    Okay.... breathing again
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  • ABUSE!  I know it!  We have FAMILY who abuse the system, it's sooo frustrating!
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