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My DD seems like she is pretty ahead on the talking thing -- she says tons of words and even making small sentences. I notice that on several words that she says, she kind of stutters, like when she says "more" she will say "m...m...m...more" and a couple of other words to, but not every word.
Just wondering if this is normal or something I may need to bring up with the doc at her next appointment (2 years on Nov 1)? I know lots of kids stutter when they are younger, but not sure if it's still something to try to control at some point or what.
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Re: stuttering?

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    It is totally normal between the ages of 2-5.  Their mouth is trying to keep up with their brain.  Usually it is not a true stutter, but more of a hesitation while trying to a say a word or form a sentence.
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  • I read about this last week. They said its normal.
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