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insurance and hospital nursery charges

Hi there,

Up until recently, I was blissfully ignorant about how expensive hospital births can be. I am 13 weeks pregnant, and I'm considering having my baby at St. Luke's by the Plaza. That is where my midwife (Dr. Diane Utz from A Woman's Place) delivers. I am going to tour the maternity wing this Saturday, but I still wanted to reach out in case any of you had input. I have a couple of questions for anyone who has delivered there.

Were you happy with your experience?
Did you have your baby stay in the nursery or your room, and either way, can you tell me about how much the nursery charges were? 

(I have a $2500 deductible through BCBS, and I was surprised to find out that my NEWBORN will also have a $2500 deductible that the nursery charges will go towards. For some reason, I thought all the costs of delivery would fall under my personal insurance claims and that the baby's insurance claims wouldn't begin til we started doing doctor's appointments.)

I called the hospital billing department to try to find out what the charges would be, and she couldn't tell me (even ballpark), but she said the nursery charges would be itemized. Any input would be helpful because I've just begun to worry about how expensive this could end up being. Thank you!
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