XP: WCM, or no WCM?

So, I wouldn't even be worrying about this if I weren't going to be out of town for nearly six days shortly after DD's first birthday, but because I will be, and because I have no idea how much she drinks while nursing but it's almost certainly more than what we have in our small freezer stash, I am wondering what to do to fill in the gaps while I'm away? I plan to continue to pump while I'm gone because I'll be devastated if our nursing relationship tanks (I'm not ready to give it up, and neither, I suspect, is DD), but I'm still fretting over what to do if DH burns through the whole stash. Should I encourage him to mix BM with WCM, or something else? Should I just tell him to offer solids first and a smaller sippy of milk after? If DD moves toward being a morning and night nurser, I'd be okay with that. I'm just not sure how to handle this transition plus vacation. Worse comes to worse, it's only six days, and we're going to fall back into our usual pattern after and DD can build my supply back up to what it would normally be if I were home.

Basically, any recommendations? And what did you offer your littles if not WCM?

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Re: XP: WCM, or no WCM?

  • I began introducing WCM on DS's first birthday. I mixed WCM with breastmilk for the next two weeks, using up the last of my freezer stash, increasing the amount of WCM in each bottle. After that, DS went to WCM during the day and he nurses once or twice a day, usually first thing in the morning. He had no problems adjusting to the WCM.
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