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Peace Out July!


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  • Umm speaking of pumpkin smells...I'm baking pumpkin pie right now and am making a thanksgiving dinner tonight because I'm craving it! I love fall and I'm a Thanksgiving baby (born the morning after) and have only good memories about that time if year! Can't wait for the cool down (it's 104 in Texas here today :((

    DH and I are November babies... hands down best month! Although I always pouted when I was growing up because my mom would offer to make my siblings and me our favorite meals on our birthdays, and I could never have mine because she didn't want to make turkey stuffing and potatoes twice in one week. 

    I don't think so ladies! October is by far the best month. All good things come in October! Beer (even if its of no use to us right now), changing of the leaves, football season is in full swing, in my home town we had Rocktober fest, don't forget the baseball playoffs and of course, ME!! Lol j/k, well... Mostly.
  • Can't we have pumpkin things all year long!!! Love pumpkin!!! And I'm with all of you ladies bring on pumpkin spice lattes!
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