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Help me solve a oven problem

Last night I was making bread pudding. Well, it went horribly wrong. I blame the uneven stove temps.  

It boiled over and burnt to a crisp. Now I can't get it out of my oven. I have tried heating the oven up and using soapy water. When that failed, I went and bought oven cleaner. That isn't working either. I have chiseled most of it out with a screw driver. My house fills with smoke when I turn on the oven. 

It smells like burnt marshmallows all through the house. I have house guest coming tomorrow. :(

Re: Help me solve a oven problem

  • Oh what would you do next?  I hate the stove to begin with. I wish H would let me buy one, but we rent and it belongs to the house. 
  • Good call! I will use the grill scrapper
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  • I used baking soda and dish soap. Sprinkle it heavily all over the part you destroyed, take a dish cloth and soak it in soap water. Lay out over baking soda, leave on for 10 minutes. Scrub off. with a sponge. Sometimes on tough ones I let it sit for like an hour.

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  • I tried that last night.

    The grill scrapper worked. I'm letting it heat up again.
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  • I tried that last night. The grill scrapper worked. I'm letting it heat up again.
    I was gonna suggest a grill scraper. We used to live in an older apartment building, and the stove was ancient, i tried several times to clean it the 4 years we lived there, until when we moved out, my husbands grandmother came over with a heavy duty grill scrapper, and worked her magic and it looked brand new by the time she was done with it. Grandma's for the win lol 
  • After scrubbing this damn thing and subjecting my family to toxic chemicals the effer is almost clean!
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