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Scary Night!!

So I had a serious scare last night and I'm still freaked out about it.  I am 7w4d today.  Last night around dinner time I was having period like cramps that were pretty bad (I haven't had much of them since the beginning lately).  It got much worse around 10pm to the point that I had to hunch over from the pain - they weren't stabbing pains but they were like someone who gets really really bad period cramps on their period.  But they were constant.  I even felt pain inside my who who.  Then I started to feel like I have to go to the bathroom (tmi sorry) so I went and it was diarrhea.  So for awhile after that it was cramps, diarrehea then really bad lower back pain.  I was crying to my husband telling him I think something is wrong.  But I was not bleeding at all so I was so confused.  Then I started getting chills and I took my tempature and had a fever.  I tried to take a tums for my stomach and then immediately vomitted 3 times.  My husband immediately was like I think you have a stomach bug or food poisoning and that we don't have to worry to much except to keep you hydrated.  Finally I took some tynlenol for the cramps, drank gatorade and eat some crackers and my husband rubbed my lower back and I felt better enough to go to bed.  I woke up this morning okay but feeling like I got hit by a truck but no diarrhea, vomitting, cramps or anything and no bleeding most importantly.  My husband also had some diarrhea last night so we are thinking it was the meat from Monday that got us both sick.  What do you guys think?  Just a bug or something we ate?  I was worried I had this episode and then today I would have bleeding but that usuallhy happens with the cramps if I was miscarrying right?  Scariest thing ever that happened to me so far...

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Re: Scary Night!!

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    I am so sorry you had to experience that!  I would say that the cramps were most likely caused/a result of your GI issue. Get some rest, and if you still have a fever or any other unpleasant trips to the bathroom maybe just give your doc a call to reassure yourself.  Since you don't have any bleeding I would think you and baby are safe on that front.  GL and I hope you feel better soon!
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    Glad you're ok. My doc tells me no Gatorade.Feel betted
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    Sounds like you both caught a bug . I would let you doctor know. Feel better soon.


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    That does sound scary! It sounds like it was likely a GI issue, as PPs have said, but it wouldn't hurt to call your doctor to let them know what happened. I hope you feel better soon!!
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    i know our bodies are more susceptible to GI issues now, but i would still call the dr. and just let them confirm you don't need to be seen.  I would be more concerned with the fever and keeping your temp low.  hope your'e feeling better quickly!
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    I had almost identical symptoms yesterday!!  I am 6w6d today.  I feel better today but have some congestion, so I think it may be a bug going around.  Hang in there!
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