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36 ingenious things you'll want as a new parent

Some of this stuff is pretty cool...but a formula machine that's like a keurig?! Haha

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Re: 36 ingenious things you'll want as a new parent

  • Ahhhhh...some of these are kinda crazy but I feel like I need them! Haha!
  • Well there's a few more things for us to buy!
  • ktox61ktox61
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    Holy crap. I was ready for a good laugh but some of that stuff is genius!
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  • Some of that stuff is awesome! Neat :) thanks for sharing
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  • I'm gonna buy that bath caddy like yesterday. Bathing a 2 year old while pregnant sucks!
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  • I know, I need some of this stuff yesterday. I'm definitely going to research some of this stuff! And I hear you pirate, mine's 3 and bathing him is such a chore with my belly now

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  • I have the bathtub petal thing on my registry, just through it looked cool, haha.
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  • These are great! I would go a little crazy if I had access to that ultrasound machine!

  • A few notes from a BTDT who has tried a few of them - 

    Woombie is genius, loved it.

    The fabric high chairs that attach to regular chairs suck - they don't get the baby close enough or high enough to eat at the table with you.  Get a portable booster or hook on chair instead. 

    Bottle Sling - big no no, same with using a pillow to prop the bottle up. Older kids it's probably not as bad for, but for littler babies who can't control the flow or push the bottle away as well it can cause them to choke. 

    The "real" snack/activity tray for the car seat looks like it's pretty soft, but the DIY one could be incredibly dangerous in a crash - the rule of thumb is no hard toys (they can cause *serious* injury in a crash). 

    Hooded car seat blanket - another no-no. You should never add anything to the car seat between the baby and the seat itself that isn't included iwth the seat. You can absolutely tuck a blanket around, but not behind the baby. For our winter babies, this is awesome:

    However, this one should NOT be used, as it goes between the baby and the car seat:

    A lot of the other are really great (?) ideas taht I just haven't tried or heard too much about. 
    Oops, I had registered for:

    JJ Cole Original Infant Bundle Me, Graphite

    so you can't use this in the car seat? Thanks for the info!

  • my fav is the sippy cup leash
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  • esf60esf60
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    I definitely added a few of these to my wish list!
  • I saw a few of these such as the woombe... Very cool. But most of them are rediculous and a waste and or are totally inappropriate.
  • We LOVED the woombie with DD... other than that, I'd buy the sippy cup leash if we went out more than we do.  I'd love a personal u/s and a stroller bike, but neither of those things is ever going to happen...  The rest is just meh.
  • I actually bought a Blooming Bath today on Zulily.  My friend suggested it because she loved hers so much.

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  • lp0lp0
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    I have number 30, it really does save your knees.
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  • DH really wanted to get the iPhone monitor the other day but I think it requires more research. I was thinking the angle care with the video
  • The iPhone one in this list requires a monthly membership fee. This past weekend I bought the ibaby at best buy ( on sale online) and I love it!!! No membership required. My husband is so excited to be able to see our baby girl when ever he is at work by turning in his iPad ! You can watch baby from 4 apple products at once so my parents in another state will be able to see her too.
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