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I know this is a long shot, but did anyone's baby have stridor? We are going into an ENT tomorrow to get my almost 6 month old looked at and I was curious as to what they will do in the test so I can mentally prepare myself.

If your child did have it, did you have to do anything or do they think it will eventually clear itself up.

Like I said, probably a long shot, but worth an ask.

Re: Stridor

  • DS had it (lyrangomylasia), but it was diagnosed by an ENT at 3 weeks old.  He has since outgrown it.  The ENT put a scope down DS's nose.  It took about 1 minute start to finish.  There isn't anything they can do about it (unless it is severe).  We were told he would outgrow it, and he did before he was 6 months.
    Thanks good to know. She started showing symptoms of it a month or so ago and they just continue to get worse and worse. I just want to make sure nothing is blocking her airway. so scary!
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