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BF question

Ok so my ds is 8 months and is mostly breastfed still. All of a sudden my nipples are very sore, red and flaky. It's sore when he latches on now. Is it just cuz his jaw is getting stronger. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
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Re: BF question

  • Could you have contracted thrush on your nipples?
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  • Any new teeth?  My LO always nurses kind of funny when a new tooth is on its way, my nipples always get kind of raw for awhile as a result.  It's almost like she has to learn how her mouth works with the new tooth in it.  I had thrush once before and it didn't make my nipples flaky, it was more like they turned pink and shiny, and sort of burned/itched.  Just my experience with it though.
  • Teething? 

    Getting more distracted and pulling on your nipples more? I know my LO has been pulling more when she looks away while eating. 

    Have you recently gotten AF back?

    As others have mentioned, could be thrush. Try letting them air out more and put some coconut oil on them. If they don't get better within a week, I'd go to the dr. 

  • This was exactly how I was... I waited a week or two hoping she was teething and therefore had changed her latch. I was in thrush denial! Felt much better after getting a prescription for all purpose nipple ointment.
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