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Where can I get this hat?

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DH and I are team green and recently went to Carter's to pick out coming home outfits for our LO. 

We picked out this outfit/bib for a baby boy:



And this outfit for a little girl:

The "problem" is that we really, really want to get the hat from this set:
but it's not sold separately.  We thought about just buying this as our "boy" outfit, but weren't fans of the fact that it says "Auntie's Little Monster".  I've checked Ebay and Amazon with no luck, other than just buying the set. 

Anyone have any ideas of where I may find just the hat?
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Re: Where can I get this hat?

  • I say you just buy the whole outfit. looks pretty neutral and the whole thing cost $16. 

  • mullenem said:
    Yea, just buy the outfit and use the hat.  Or use the hat and the jammies, just not the Aunt onesie.
    This.  DD wore a lot of clothes that were more boyish than this one when she was little.  She didn't care. Even now she still has some boy clothes.  If they are cute, I don't care who they were marketed toward.
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  • Just buy the outfit.
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  • I saw the set at Costco yesterday for <$10. I'd just buy the whole set and either give it to a friend if you have a girl, or do what I did with my "it's a boy!" outfit, and let your daughter rock it in blue!

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