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WWYD? Not multiples related...

I went to the gym tonight and when I got back to pick the kids up, (sitting for my class only, just a local teen who swings by for an hour) there was a peanut next to the boys' blanket that they were playing on. They usually just play on the floor and roll around. Lucy told me that a little girl (about 4) had been eating a bag of peanuts. 

I asked the class instructor and mentioned that facilities usually have a facility-wide rule re: peanuts and allergens, and she responded, "Nope, I don't think so. I mean, Lola's mom is a pediatric nurse. I'm sure she would know if there was a risk." 
Wha?!?! Aside from the clear choking hazard on the floor within reach of the babies, peanuts can kill kids who are allergic. The boys are too young for us to know about them yet, anyway. I was totally speechless and I have no idea how to handle this from here. Finding a gym near us with childcare is nearly impossible, and i really like this arrangement, but I don't think I can let this go. Wwyd??
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Re: WWYD? Not multiples related...

  • I would not expect a teenager to realize the danger, but it doesn't mean I would let it go.  I would speak to her in a very nice, motherly way and just explain both the choking and allergic risk.  Ask her if she will implement a rule from now on that any eating has to be done in a designated area away from the babies, etc.  If she doesn't agree, I don't think you can leave the kids there anymore no matter how convenient.

    I do sort of question how one teenager can watch all those children even if it is just for an hour.  It seems like a daunting responsibility!

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