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Please rec. learning tablet

Hi, Our daughter will be celebrating her fourth birthday next week and we'd like to get her a learning tablet. She sometimes uses my husband's iPad apps to write her name etc. please recommend ur learning tablet and pros and cons. Was thinking maybe the leap pad, inno tab but feel free to make other rec. TIA
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Re: Please rec. learning tablet

  • shannmshannm member
    Honestly, I would let her share your husband's IPad. We have a family iPad and when DS feels like it, he has games, books, drawing apps, coloring apps, movies and music. I estimate that he uses it twice a week max.

  • IPad is a thousand times better than the crap they make for kids. My kids Leappads are never used. Or get an iPod.
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  • My son has the Nabi2 and it does everything I need it to do for him. He does use our Ipad but I prefer him to have his own device and we weren't going to buy him an Ipad at 3.
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  • Ditto PPs. Invest in a good case for your iPad and you'll still save a lot of money.
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