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  • Tommy at nearly 16 weeks.

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  • @tondraluv

    You can't really see a mohawk on me in this picture, before when it was straight it was flat ironed, I haven't done that in a few days so here is what I got.

    I can't stand the cuteness, love how you two are looking at each other


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  • ClandestineXClandestineX
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    Lol, Thank you @tondraluv and @sol1790

    Sol, I would switch hairs with you any day. All I ever did was pull it back or if someone wanted to spend 8 hours, they would braid my hair. I am not that into my hair. Just a pain in the ass to me when it is let loose. (See my new Avatar picture) Lol, that is what I was dealing with.

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  • @ClandestineX wow thats crazy before baby I would curl my hair everyday lol but now I hear you on ponytail or bun everyday no time now! I guess your haircut was a huge relief!
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