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How Young is Too Young for Electronics?

I am the proud mother of five wonderful children ages 12, 10, 8, 4, and 2. My husband works at Apple so he is able to get everything free or very reduced so naturally our home is full of Apple products. At what age is it acceptable for a child to receive their own iPad, iPod, or computer?

Re: How Young is Too Young for Electronics?

  • I just got my DD a Nabi tablet as a 2nd birthday present. She played on my Nook and some of those apps really made the difference with her colors and helped her put the image to the number when we were teaching her to count to 10. She loves the preschool apps and does matching, puzzles, spot the differences and is introducing things like more difficult shapes plus more.

    I wasn't a huge advocate for electronics like that when I was pregnant but I feel as long as they aren't constantly on them it's fine, if not somewhat beneficial as long as the contents stays age appropriate and pretty educational.
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  • I don't mind kids over two getting around 60-90 minutes of electronic time a day whether it be from television or something like an iPad. I don't like the idea of each kid getting their own personal iPad If you're limiting technology it seems overly wasteful and I think it helps promote overuse.
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  • Their own?  I don't know.  Older.  But that's because I think it's wasteful and unsustainable for every individual - including adults - to have their own device when they can be shared.  So, it would have to depend on the circumstances to see if the situation warranted that sort of splurging.  (It is splurging - it is not a *need* like food and shelter.  But I also see nothing wrong with splurging appropriately. :) )
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