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Sesame place question

Hi,I hope you don't mind me asking, but I figured you guys would have the best perspective. I have one 2 year old son. We are taking our god children (girl age 2.5 and boy age 3.5) to sesame place. We have a double stroller to use and a single umbrella stroller. Is this a good combo or would you suggest we get one of those ride on boards (there is one that has a bike type seat you can get- so really it is an extra seat but doesn't recline so no one can sleep in it). I would prefer just one stroller but if its better we could push two. What do you suggest? What's the likelihood that all 3 kids will nap at the same time?Thanks in advance.
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Re: Sesame place question

  • I think your best option is to bring both strollers. They might not nap at all at a fun place like that, but at least they will each have a place to rest when tired. If you have a decent drive home, my bet would be that they will all knock out once in the car!

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