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Preparing for the nanny to start

For those of you who hired a nanny, what stuff did you do to prepare your house and kids for him/her to start? I'm planning to have her come a day or two before she starts so we can talk through things and she can spend some time with my kiddos, but looking for any other tips or things that worked for your family. I'll be puting emergency contacts for her and list of things my DS1 enjoys doing as well as food preferences, etc.
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Re: Preparing for the nanny to start

  • What you are doing is perfect. I am a nanny and this would be a lot of help for her. Also tell her your expectations and how u wish to do things. It is nice to have a complete understanding of what you are expecting. Best of luck!
  • I put emergency contact and LO's medical history on the fridge (not that he has much history). There is also a note saying "CALL 911 FIRST... then call us!" because we're nuts.

    We just had our nanny do a half-day trial run. I showed her around for half an hour then left for about 2.5hrs.

    I will ask her what she likes to have for snacks, so I can try to keep some food stocked for her (hubs and I have like, fruit, veggies, cereal and yogurt, so I thought I'd see what else she likes since we're basically old mother Hubbard).

    I left a map of our neighborhood with directions to the park, etc, as well as "don't go past this street" requests. I showed her how to properly strap LO into the stroller, and how to keep him shaded from the sun.

    I also ask for updates during the day... I try not to be too crazy about, maybe once in the morning, and if things are slow at work I'll check in again in the afternoon.

    We don't have a TV, but we did give her Internet access. We have made clear that we don't want LO watching an iPad or anything like that though.

    GL! Our first day went well. He took a whole bottle, his diaper was changed and dry when I got home, and she even got Mr. Nap-Protestor down for a nap!
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  • I would definitely do a few days when you can be together with her. My nannies started as soon as DDs were home and worked when I was home on maternity leave for 14 weeks. If you have to make a switch later, when you are back at work, the old nanny can train the new one. Do at least a full days training, but if you can afford more, do more.
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  • I agree with PP's regarding phone numbers, snacks, and explicit instructions regarding your expectations. Our nanny does light housework while my son naps, but I let her know what I'd like her to get done before I leave. For example, I let her know that the clothes set out in the hamper are clean and need folding, or that the dishes in the dishwasher are clean.

    I also found it really helpful for my own peace of mind to spend the first couple of days at home with her and my son. It made the transition easier for all of us. She is wonderful, and my son absolutely adores her, but it made me feel really good to see firsthand how great she was with him.
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