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hard time eating

so this lo is determined to not let me eat healthy.... any veggies i have tried to eat for the last week have made me feel like crap... i am really hoping this passes because i love my fruits and veggies... anyone else having issues eating healthy?

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Re: hard time eating

  • I am mobile and can't see how far along you are, but this did happen to me in the beginning. My doctor told me not to stress, to eat whatever stayed down and to start eating healthier as soon as I could tolerate it. As long as you're on vitamins, it should be just fine.

  • I was so nauseated throughout first tri that almost all I could eat was simple carbs--bread, rice, lots of mashed potatoes, etc. Once I hit second trimester, almost all I wanted to eat was fruits and veggies. Even now, my biggest cravings have been strawberries, watermelon, and salad. 

    Remember that first trimester, you're basically eating for survival. The baby will take what nutrients it needs, so just remember to take your prenatal and you'll be fine. 
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  • I totally understand your concerns!! I am on mobile so i cant see how far along you are. I was really sick the first two trimesters and could barely eat. I lived on Icees, potatoes, cream of wheat, cold cereal and milk once things got a little better around 20 weeks. I could also eat apples. I eventually added a little more fruit, and some vegetables. But- I couldn't eat a lot of veggies without getting sick.

    My doctor kept reassuring me that the baby would take what it needs, and the most important was to have eaten healthy prior to getting pregnant.

    AND he was right!! I delivered a 9.5 pounder tonight! He's perfectly healthy!!

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  • I have almost been allergic to fruits with this pregnancy.  It's so bizarre coming from someone who enjoys healthy foods.
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     I agree with PP, first tri is all about survival eating! My DH is gluten intolerant, which we only discovered last Sept. So I gave up wheat too, in support, so I hadn't eaten it for 3 months before I got PG. Then during first tri, I had major aversions to eggs and meat, so all I ate was simple carbs like toast and cereal! Just eat whatever you can at this point, anything is better than nothing. It will pass soon enough!
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