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In Ground Pools @ home anyone?

So, we're looking at this house that has a beautiful inground pool. But I'm freaking out as I know drowning is a major cause of death in children under five. We're going to put up a fence if we buy the house of course, but wondering anyone has a fence that keeps their mind at ease. 
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Re: In Ground Pools @ home anyone?

  • My aunt has a 2 yo and an 8 month old. They put up a fence and have not had an issue yet with the pool. They did have to put a lock on it when the 2 yo got to an age where she could figure out how to get in.

    But she also reminds the older one constantly of the dangers, so she doesn't even like going near it without her mom or dad
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  • you have to make sure that each and every entry point to the pool area has a LOCK so that your child cannot get in when they learn to open doors/gates/latches, etc...i'd own a home with an in ground pool if I could afford it, but it does mean lots of extra attention from the parents.


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  • There are also a few "alarm" systems you can buy. One goes on your door that goes to the backyard - up high on the door so it would go off when someone small goes out. Also one that goes in the pool and if someone were to fall in it goes off. A fence will help too just make sure the lock is harder to get into because kids will figure it out fast.
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  • I have an 8 month old and 3 year old. We have a safety fence around the entire pool. It was expensive ($1,000) but obviously very worth it. We also have high up locks on the back doors. DS is in swim classes and is doing well (though he's not at the point yet that he could fall in and be ok). We do regular swim classes, but if you're really serious I know a lot of people highly recommend ISR swim classes. I've seen some amazing results from it.

  • I recommend a fence. A lot of the pool fences on the market have self-closing with lift latch doors. I would recommend against the nets. They seem the safest, but a lot of pool companies won't remove/replace the net for weekly cleaning, so you are required to leave the net off on service days. They are also a huge PITA. It to too easy to get out with wet crabby kids and say you will come back and put the net on and forget. Also, if you have landscape inside the fence, be sure to consider how it will be cut/trimmed.
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