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It took 13 months and 13 days but he did it . . . once!  7:45pm to 5:30am Sunday night.  Just wanted to give those that posted this 12 months ago a little laugh and give some hope to anyone else still out there.  No repeat performance last night but close, wet pants at 4:30am did us in.
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    Yay! I hope your DS makes it a habit! You deserve some sleep after all this time! ;)

    My DS took 10 months to STTN. I felt like he'd never get there!

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    acbfreireacbfreire member
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    DD still does not STTN. She pulled a 10 h stretch ONCE.
    I am hoping some time before college, she will!
    I hope you enjoyed the extra sleep!
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    Yeah we're not even close. We got two wakeups last night and it felt like a good night. Ha! It just seems normal now. Enjoy the restful nights!
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    Hang in there everyone!  I hope you all get some more rest.  I'm sure DS will keep waking on me some but he did it again last night.  I am shocked, I too thought I'd be doing this forever. I'm not sure cutting out the 2-3 wakings is going to matter that much to me.  I think just being a mom is tiring, between work/play/chores I feel don't even have time to eat and I'm trying to get by on 6 hours of sleep just to be able to get more done.  At least if DS sleeps I can actually get the full 6.

    If it helps anyone, we did some gentle work on this.  I waited for ever because neither of us were ready for a huge battle and I was doing fine with the minimal sleep.  I perhaps would have pushed harder if I was suffering. Also DS is a lovely combination of stubborn and emotional (NO idea where he gets that:)) so cry it out or any variation of that seemed counterproductive for us.  I stopped nursing between 11 and 12 months and it had no effect.  He seemed starving at night.  Then 3-4 weeks ago his mood changed and it felt more like he was demanding a bottle from me.  I went to one 4oz bottle at the first waking and then a bottle with water at all subsequent wakings.  After a week or two I only offered water in a bottle for a few days, then I switched to only offering a sippy cup with water. He'd chug some water and then push it way.  I'd then hold him or rock him a little bit and put him back down.  If he started really crying for more than a minute or really good worked up we'd do the whole thing again starting with the sippy. There was some angry baby issues the first few nights but then he got with the program and he'd hug me for a bit and usually go back to bed.  After a few days he'd always refuse the sippy so I just got up and held him for a few minutes.  After a few days of that he seems to have stopped crying our for me, I can hear him still waking up and moving around. I did sometimes have to hold him while he feel asleep so I spent a lot of time lying on the futon in his room.  Once we went to water at night, it was much easier to finally drop all the daytime bottles too. I'm not sure what I would have done if he wasn't eating at night, that seems hard to break if they are just waking to say hi!.

    The other thing that I think helped is crib clutter. Before his crib was a rock-hard SIDS proof prison. Now he has a minky blanket over the hard mattress, a sippy cup of water in his crib, and lots of options for things to cuddle with or grab on to and various textures to feel - 2 taggies, 2 stuffed animals, a ball, a board book, a minky blanket, a fleece blanket, and a knit blanket and usually a silky piece of clothing from my athletic clothing. Its an embarrassing mess but he seems happier in there even through he's not attached to any one thing and he's finally big and has always been healthy so I'm not worried about the blankets.

    We'll see if this lasts
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