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Nap training help

What should I do if DD just lays in the crib and stares at her surroundings/celing instead of sleeping? She would cry for a minute then just lay there. Do I abort the nap after an hour still and try again within the hour?

If you nap trained, how long did it take you to see improvements?

Re: Nap training help

  • I usually pick mine back up, because for her it means she just isn't ready yet. I'll let her sit for a good ten minutes, and if she isn't out by then, I try again in an hour.
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  • I've learned that I can't put DS down as soon as I notice his sleep cues. I have to wait a little while to put him down or else he will go hysterical and get so worked up he won't sleep at all. Once I do put him down, I give home 10 minutes and if he's still babbling or fussing I pick him up and we play for 45 minutes or so and try again. Usually by then he's tired enough to fall right asleep.
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