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Calling all San Diego mamas!

Hi, ladies! My name is Emma and I am from small town, Ohio. We just got word that my husband is moving with the Navy and we are probably heading to San Diego come Winter. This is a HUGE move for us and baby #3 is also due this winter. I would LOVE to hear about your thoughts on the area, things to do and just anything I should know about! I have never left my little town in Ohio but I am so excited for the adventure!! My husband has been in the Air Force for seven years and an officer for two stationed here in Ohio, big changes everywhere!!

Thank you SO much!!! :-)

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Re: Calling all San Diego mamas!

  • I am born and raised in San Diego and I'm sure you will love it! Just the weather and the beach alone. :) Coming from a small town, this will be a huge change, but for the most part the city and the people are great. Do you know what part of town you're moving to yet?  Welcome! :)
  • there is so much to do here beaches, hiking all the parks, and museums, zoo etc. I am born and raised in north county San Diego and I still love being a tourist in my own city. There truly is a little bit of everything here. as far as neighborhoods go there are pros and some cons (rent prices, traffic or travel time) to everywhere but many great places to live and great medical care here too!
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  • Winter?? What's winter :) You'll love it. Weather is amazing and if you miss the snow it's as little as an hour away.
  • I've lived in California most of my life (originally a Jersey girl), but I moved down to SD a little over a year ago. My husband is in the Navy and we'll be moving into base housing in the next month or so. There is SO much to do in this area - especially with kids!!


    I love going up to Balboa Park (maybe a ten-minute drive from downtown SD) and just walking around there on a sunny afternoon. It's museum central up there, so you can check out the Natural History Museum, the Air & Space Museum and I know there's an art museum there too, just can't remember what it's called. The Modern Art museum is out in La Jolla, which is maybe twenty-ish minutes from downtown, depending on traffic. The San Diego Zoo is in Balboa also. :)


    If you're looking for a little day trip, Julian is an hour-ish drive inland and is such a cute, quaint little town. It is known for its pies, so be sure to stop at one of the restaurants up there and have a slice. :) Also, for post-pregnancy day trips, they have some yummy little hole-in-the-wall wine shops that do tastings. And if you really want to do some serious wine tasting, Temecula is 45 minutes north.

    You can also cross the Coronado Bay bridge and head out onto Coronado island. Adorable little town in itself with super cute stores for window shopping (it's a bit pricey out there, so unfortunately, window shopping is all I usually do when I'm there) and you can stop at the GORGEOUS Hotel Del Coronado (Hotel Del for short) for beachside virgin margaritas.

    I could go on, but suffice it to say, you won't be bored living down here!! Welcome!! :)

  • Hi Enma! I also just moved to San Diego in November and my husband is Navy as well. I have a 9 month old and looking to meet other mommys... If you'd like to email me I'm at [email protected] I've only lived here a few weeks but do love it!! Now just gotta make some friends :)
    Amy Lee
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