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mastitis question on recovery

I've been on antibiotics for 4 days now, and today is the first day that I'm starting to feel better with the flu-like symptoms. I've still got a huge plugged duct though. Any ideas on how long until that goes away? I'm using heat and massaging, but it's not doing anything.
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Re: mastitis question on recovery

  • libi07libi07
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    Mine took at least a week for the lump to go away.  I thought for sure it wasn't getting better but it did.  Just keep on rubbing!!
  • 2.5 weeks later mine is still there. Got it surgically drained yesterday but its filling back up. They think its an abscess and are running tests. Excruciatingly painful at this point. My point is do everything you can this early to unclog it. Be aggressive and don't slack at it.

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  • lovely. thanks everyone :)
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  • skioskio
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    Hot hot hot showers and massage like crazy with the hot water. Use a moist hot compress just before and during nursing if you can. And try to point baby's chin toward the clog; so if the clog is on the outside of your breast near your armpit, try football hold. And dangle nursing is always a good idea.

    Glad your feeling better, hang in there.
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  • I took ibuprofen and nursed like crazy, still sore, but the fever went away. hot bath, lots of fluid intake. hit me like a trian. Stay away from sugar!
  • Massage harder than you think is necessary.

    Thank you, I just tried this and although painful it worked. Hoping for complete relief soon.

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  • I nursed DS constantly, hot showers, hot compress before nursing. It hurt really bad for a week. Also my supply tanked in that breast afterwards but so far with DD I've been lucky
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