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XP: Shortening Cervix or PTL questions

Hi ladies,
If you have or had a shortening cervix or PTL issues, did you have any warning signs (even if in hindsight)?

My cervix had shortened at 18 weeks to about a 3, but my OB and MFM weren't concerned since total length was still longer than 2.5.  I have my next MFM appointment next week.  He has told me to pay attention to any stomach muscle tightening that lasts longer than 30 seconds with 4 or more episodes in an hour. 

Did you have any other warning signs?  I know I'm being paranoid, but I'm just worried about having further cervical changes and not realizing that anything is going on.  I'm also having some general discomfort and pains, but I think it's just the weight of the babies (as I'll feel the baby move and then the pain goes away).

Married 8/2008. IVF with PGD March 2013.
3/22 ER: 25R, 20M, 15F. 9 genetically normal, and 3 survived to Day 5
3/27 ET: transferred 1 embryo, beta 9dp5dt=163, 12dp5dt=639
4/25 1st ultrasound at 7 weeks = identical twins with heartbeats?!!!
PPROM at 31w, delivery at 32 weeks of two beautiful girls

Re: XP: Shortening Cervix or PTL questions

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    I had ptl & shortened cervix from about 19 weeks on.  The only thing I noticed was the tightening in my abdomen & a heavy dragging feeling.  I was put on bedrest for the duration of the pregnancy after two positive fetal fibronectin tests but with bedrest I made it to almost 37 weeks.  Best of luck to you, its scary but listen to your body & rest as much as you can.
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    P.I. - ack! Oh no. Don't want to hear this! I'm sorry that you're going through this. Crossing my fingers that everything stays put for a LONG while. No advice, just lots of good thoughts, long cervix thoughts and anti-anxiety thoughts coming your way.
    BzeetyD = 38, Mr. BzeetyD = 44 together 12/02 married 9/08
    TTC #1 since 1/10
    DX: Unexplained/??? MFI issues

    Our lil' lost sparks:
    5w3d loss 7/30/10 - EDD March 2011
    8w loss 4/15/11 - EDD November 2011
    8w3d loss 8/2/12 - EDD March 2013
    4w c/p loss 10/29/12 - EDD July 2013

    Long story: trying on our own + testing testing testing with 6 rounds of Clomid, more testing, injectables + TI, laparoscopy - one tube blocked, 2 IUIs with Follistim...BFNs.
    RPL testing all normal, Karyotyping normal

    Moving on to IVF.

    IVF #1 April 2012 = BFN, IVF #2 June 2012 = BFP. U/S 7/23 = saw heartbeat but measuring behind. Follow up U/S on 7/30 - no heartbeat. D&C 8/2. Trisomy 12. IVF #3 Oct 2012 = Chemical Pregnancy

    Phone consult with CCRM on 12/12/12 - ODWU 1/4/13 - both tubes clear(!) - AFC 24, AMH 3.2, FSH 9.6, LH 5.4, E2 25. DH has high frag rate but improved!
    IVF #4 March 2013 CCRM. EP protocol w/ Menopur, Gonal-F & Dexamethasone. ER 3/29 & IMSI, PICSI. 43R 13M 10F 6blasts bio'd. CCS testing reveals 3 normals!!!
    FET 5/31/13 of 1 4AA blast - thawed and expanded. 4dp5dt BFP.
    Beta 9dp5dt = 181, 11dp5dt = 427. 1st u/s showed a healthy heartbeat! EDD 2/16/14

    After 4 years of hoping and heartbreak, our sweet little bean was born on 2/19/14
    We are so in love with her.

    "I'm not telling you it's going to be easy, I'm telling you it's going to be worth it."

    Everybody is welcome!!!
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    I had a bleeding episode at 24 or 25 weeks that was the trigger for them to measure my CL. I was at a 2.5. They did the fetal fibro test on me and it was negative. The shortened CL did get me weekly appointments and ultrasounds to measure though and put back on progesterone supps which has helped increase me to 2.7 now.

    Me- 32, DH- 32- TTC for 4 Years
    IUIs 1-6 BFN
    IVF #1= BFP- M/C
    FET- Beta#1: 69, #2: 482, #3: 1088, #4: 28,318, Ultrasound- 1 beautiful heartbeat
    It's a boy!

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    Low back pain. And cramps that feel like period cramps that tighten and then release. Good luck!!

    Me:34 PCOS, one kinked tube, low thyroid.
    DH:39 lower than average count.
    Married 2006. 3 failed IUIs and countless BFNs.
    ~IVF#1: July 2012~
    7/10 Retrieval: 16r, 14f w/ICSI. 7/15 ET: Transfered 2. 4 frosties.< Poas faint+ 4dp5dt.>
    Beta#1 (8dp5dt): 138. Beta#2 (10dp5dt): 355.
    u/s#1: (19dp5dt) 8/3/12 one sac, two yolks! Beta 8,000
    u/s#2: two strong heartbeats! EDD 4/2/12
    Boy/girl fraternal mono/di twins-- lost our sweet baby girl at 22 weeks due to SIUGR
    Preterm labor at 23 weeks 4 days, lost our sweet baby boy.
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    OH P.I... sorry you are having anxiety over this.  Thankfully they told you what to watch for and are keeping on top of this.  Praying all goes well!
    Me 35, DH 36
    TTC summer 2008
    Diagnose me. DOR, DH perfect
    IUI # 1 6/2010, BFN
    IUI # 2 8/2010, BFN
    IVF # 1 10/2010 Canceled poor response
    IVF 1.2 12/2010 BFP! mc 6 weeks 2 days
    Mental health break for 10 months
    IVF # 2 10/2011 BFN
    IVF # 3 5/2012 BFP! 10 eggs retrieved (best ever)
    7 fertilized transferred 3
    Beta #1 14dpo - 72, Beta #2 17dpo 145 Beta 3 20dpo 521
    First u/s June 15 saw HB 126 bpm missed m/c 7/5/12 10 weeks D&C 7/6/12
    IVF#4 ER 9/30 ET 10/3 Beta 10/16 BFFN. IVF #5 final with o/e. ER 1/21 only 1 retrieved, hoping my lonestar is the one. Beta #1 2/6/13 = 209.... please let this be it! Keep growing lonestar! Beta #2 2/8/13 - 586! , Beta #3 2/10/13 = 1898. First u/s perfect little heart beat at 116 bpm. Measure 6 weeks 1 day. EDD 10/14/13
    3/4/13 measuring right on track beautiful heartbeat 171 bpm, graduated from RE to OB... bittersweet.
    PAIF/SAIF always welcome! Its a girl! 

    Maggie Grace is here!  10/5/13... 8lbs 6 ounces of pure joy!

    TTC#2  No birth control since DD was born.  Getting ready to jump back in the saddle.  Weaning this month. RE
    appt scheduled 5/8.   Here we go again!

    IFV# 6.  10/27  6 retrieved 4 mature 3 fertilized.  2 made it to 3dt 10/30. 1"very pretty 8 cell" and 1 6 cell.  Beta
    11/13.   Please stick embies!!!!  We love you so much already! 11/12/14  POAS, BFP... beta tomorrow!
    11/13 beta #1  924!!!  2nd bet 11/15 1906, one more on 11/17 3rd & final beta 3430.  First u/s 12/5, 7w4d, 2 heartbeats,
    both measuring right on track....2nd u/s... all is well... both beans measuring right on track... released from RE... first
    appointment with MFM 1/5.  Looks like this is really happening!


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    Thanks for your insights and kind thoughts everyone. Hopefully I won't have any more changes at my next appointment.
    Married 8/2008. IVF with PGD March 2013.
    3/22 ER: 25R, 20M, 15F. 9 genetically normal, and 3 survived to Day 5
    3/27 ET: transferred 1 embryo, beta 9dp5dt=163, 12dp5dt=639
    4/25 1st ultrasound at 7 weeks = identical twins with heartbeats?!!!
    PPROM at 31w, delivery at 32 weeks of two beautiful girls
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    Hey sweetie!!! My cervix shortned then grew a little. It was weird. I was always above a 3 so my MFM and ob were not concerned. I started having Braxton hicks around 20weeks. It's so annoying, but they aren't doing anything and I'm currently 35w. I've also started being monitored with a contraction monitor every day. I avg 3-5 a night, but once again, cervix is nice and closed. I worried so much, but my advice now, looking back, is if your cervix isn't changing, then I wouldn't worry. Just take it easy. Good luck!
    Diagnosis - MIF - FUIF!
    #1 12R, 7M, 5F - 2- 3dt BFN - 1 totsicle became our DD.
    TTC#2 since 1/12
    IVF #2 - 10R, 6M, 5F - 1 5dt of a morula= BFN none to freeze.
    IVF #3 (blegh) Long Lupron Protocol
    ER 8/23 12R, 7M, 2F - 2 beautiful 3d 8/26
    +HPT 9/3 beta #1 9/10= 78.5 #2 9/12 = 136 #3 9/14 319 #4 9/17 890 #5 9/21 2119
    Little B is where he needs to be. HB 9/24. no HB 10/3. Missed m/c @ 8w. D&C 10/5 :(
    IVF #4 - Antagonist Protocol
    ER - 17R, 14M, 9F - 1 beautiful blast 12/13 (Our anniversary), 3 more FROZEN!! WOO HOO!
    +HPT 12/17 beta #1 12/27 = 1654 (um hells to the yeah), beta #2 12/31 = 6994, 1st u/s= 1/8 (fingers firmly crossed) = HB 125. You rock little one.
    Please, Please Stick. Mommy, Daddy and Big Sis love you so much.
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    **non pregnant lady butting in**
    I noticed my mucus plug starting to come out, and you feel more pressure in your lady bits. Be vigilant about the doctors checking, but they need to check with an u/s not a manual check! (I'm sure you already know that!) Look into a TVCIC that is usually better than a TVC and will hold longer. Good luck darling, sorry its causing anxiety.
    Lilypie - (5WpR)
    Me(26)PCOS, Hypothyroidism & Incompetent Cervix  DH(28)Azoospermia
    4/11 Off BCPs -- Cycle 1-3 (6months) - No ovulation, Provera
    Cycle 4-6 - Provera, Clomid 50mg, CD23BW - All BFN (HSG-all clear)
    Dec 2011 DH S/A shows zero count - dx Azoo
    TESE 4/13/12 - Sperm found!! 5 viles frozen
    IVF ICSI #1- (Lupron protocol) 5R 2F 2dt- 2DP & 4CF - BFFN
    IVF ICSI #2-  (Antagonist protocol) Started stims 7/26
    ER 8/8 11R 9F 3dt - 9BF & 7BF (+HPT 8dp3dt)TWINS! EDD 5/1/13
    <312/9 Joshua David and Zoe Faith born too early at 19w4d due to incompetent cervix <3
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      LAP Transabdominal Cerclage - 4/15/13 only possibility of carrying my children to term 
    IVF#3 - June 2013 -  canceled.
    IVF ICSI #3.2- (Antagonist Protocol) 7/26 start stims (same day, a year later from J & Z's stim start date!)
     ER 8/7 19R 9F 3dt of 2- 8BF embryos. (+HPT 7dp3dt) Beta #1 - 82.8 Beta #2 - 821 Beta #3 - 7254
    9/11/13 - U/S shows 1 baby HR 135bpm! EDD: 4/30/13
    It's a BOY!!
    2/9/14 - DX Gestational Diabetes
    C-section scheduled for 4/7/14 (36w5d)
    Colin Joseph - 1:07pm 6lbs 14oz - 8 days in the NICU
    Everyone Welcome!
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