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Is it possible they are STTN already!!

Our girls have been sleeping consistently 8-10 hours a night for the last 3 weeks or so.  Last night we got them to sleep 11 hours!! They went down at 8pm last night and woke up 645am today!! Our DS didn't even sleep this good when he was their age.  Really hoping this lasts.

Anyone else out there have a good sleeping habits with your babes?

Re: Is it possible they are STTN already!!

  • Possibly. How old are your babies? I have always encouraged good sleeping habits with my boys, but they did not start sttn until 8 months. Maybe you are blessed with 2 good sleepers!
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    How old are they?  Mine were both STTN at 4 months, but I'm fully aware that we're blessed with awesome sleepers. 

    ETA:  And by STTN, I mean 11 - 12 hours
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  • yup...beware it doesn't last...theres usually regression at 4 months and again at 9 months when they begin achieving new takes 2-3 weeks to straighten out each time :)
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  • They are 11 weeks old.  Our DS started sleeping through the night at 14 weeks.  I'm keeping fingers crossed this will last!
  • Mine did then for three blissful weeks. And then stopped for about 11 months. We get random sttns but they take turns waking us up still usually.
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  • My guys were sleeping 12 hours a night by 12 weeks (6 weeks adjusted).  We never had a sleep regression or "wakeful".  They are still great sleepers.

  • I'm hoping this happens in my house! My son was a good sleeper and my twins are a lot like him :) we shall see!
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  • Mine are too young and weigh too little To have much in the way of expectations fir sleep.

    My oldest was/is an awful sleeper. I don't think he's ever once in his 3 years of life slept 12 consecutive hours. He doesn't STTN w any regularity even now.

    It's be nice if I got two good sleepers. I'm not holding my breath. I'll sleep when they're teenagers [the running joke between H and me]

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