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 I am currently experiencing unusual cycles and ovulated on day 41 this cycle. I have been charting with temps and cervical fluid the last two cycles. It is crazy how intune I have become with my body the more I learn about charting. While at work this month (on cycle day 41) I wiped after using the toilet and I had a very long stretchy egg white with a small amount of blood in it. I haven't experienced this before and after doing some research I learned that this was probably ovulatory bleeding. I was curious so when I got home from work I used an OPK strip I have been dying to use (I just received them in the mail from Amazon) and sure enough I got a positive.

Now, I should be getting AF today or tomorrow and I am trying to figure out the best day to start using the OPK's. I do not want to miss my window of opportunity as we are TTC next cycle. Any advice? Since I don't have a cookie cutter cycle and only have 20 test strips, is there a rule of thumb for when to start testing?

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  • Usually the OPKs have a chart included with the instructions on when to start using them.  It is based off of your shortest recorded cycle.  This means that if you are having irregular cycles, you might have to start much earlier to make sure you don't miss your surge.  This also means that you might need more than 20 OPKs.

    The other thing you can do is if you typically see fertile CM before ovulation, you can wait until you see fertile CM to start testing.  You may run the risk of missing your surge this way though.





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  • Thank you! I was wondering about waiting til I saw the right CM, I purchased the Wondfo brand so I am going to go check the instruction page that came with it to see what they say.

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  • You may want to get a bigger pack of OPK's. I got the package of 100 for a few reasons.. it was only a few dollars more than the 50 pack, and it bumped me into the free shipping category. We aren't TTC until Nov/Dec, so I also wanted a ton so I wouldn't feel guilty about using them. With so many, I feel like I can use them freely as to catch my surge. I also wanted some left when we do start TTC. Good luck!
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