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Beco, Ergo, Moby, Maya, Pax, Boba...

Any 2nd timers have input on which carrier you and/or baby like best?
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Re: Beco, Ergo, Moby, Maya, Pax, Boba...

  • I really loved my moby when DD was 6m and under.  I plan on using it again with this next baby but want to get an ergo for 6m+.
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  • I have used a moby, k'tan, britax, boba, beco gemini,ergo,and ring sling. My favorite for 0-5 months was the k'tan, for 3-12+ months beco gemini, and for 12+ months the boba. I also like my ring sling for really quick on and off from birth. If I had to pick only one carrier I would choose the beco.
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  • We have a K'Tan which is great for the squishy NB stage and the Beco Gemini now.  Love how easy it is to put on and I don't need to buy a separate infant insert.
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  • I love my moby however after they start to get bigger it tends to stretch to much so I'm planing on getting the new Becco soleil . I tried the ergo from a friend and didn't like how padded the shoulder straps were and where they sat on my shoulders. I like how the Becco shoulder straps sit closer to the neck and the straps and cross in the back if needed. Really looking forward to getting my carrier!
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    I have a Solly Baby Wrap (similar to a Moby, but lighter material) which I used until DS was around 3m and now we use our Beco Gemini. He loves it and it's large enough that my 18m niece was in it last week and was comfortable in there.

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  • I love my Beco Gemini!  It's sooooooooo comfy to wear and the baby seemed really happy in it.  You can wear the baby a variety of ways too, not just front and back, but also on the side.
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  • For my first I had the Moby wrap, but for whatever reason I never felt comfortable wearing it, or that I was wrapping it correctly and my baby was safe. The baby bjorn was awful and left my shoulders in pain, so I gave up on that! I just ordered the Ergo carrier for my second child that is due in November, and after reading reviews and doing TONS of research on carriers, everyone seems to agree it is the most comfortable and easiest to use. Just be careful where you order from, and make sure they are an authorized dealer--there have been MANY counterfeits produced that could put baby in jeopardy!
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  • Love the moby for itty bitties. Then I like the baby bjorn or a maya wrap until the get to about 1. after that I don't do much carrying. I didn't like the way the Ergo fit my body and I want them to be facing out most times. 

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    If I had only 1 carrier, I would get the Beco.  If you can swing it, the K'Tan is nice for under 3 months.  
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  • We really loved our baby bjorn organic one. We still use it and our dd is 19 mos.

  • I used a Maya ring sling a ton until about 6 months and then for quick trips to the store and stuff till about a year. We also have an Ergo but I have a heck if a time putting it on by myself. And DD loves to face out, so I finally broke down while we were shopping and got a cheapie front facing, which ended up being her favorite.
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  • we have and LOVE our boba!

    for newborn wraps, we used loveyduds,
  • I've had the Bjorn Active, Ergo, K'Tan, Elleville woven wrap and the Beco Soleil. I've given away the Bjorn cause it hury my back and my son hated it. The Ergo was good but I found the shoulder straps were to large for my small shoulders. The K'Tan was fabulous for up to three months. My daughter lived in it til she was 3 months old. The Woven wrap is the same concept except as the K'Tan too much hassle maneuvering the long piece of fabric but once wrapped its super comfy. The most versatile one I use most is the Beco Soleil. I can use it to carry my 2 yr old toddler and also fits my 6 month old. We are actually. Thinking of getting another Beco carrier the Gemini so we can have our DD face out.
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  • I did research and don't like her to face out based on the research I did around it.. We have an ergo and used the infant insert for a long time... But it was fall and cold so it was perfect for my baby who loves to be roasty toasty. As she got older and wanted to look around I got a maya wrap... I LOVE it and am looking forward to using it when we have our second. I thought about selling the ergo butdh likes it
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