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Swaddle Weaning

My daughter will be 6 months next week and we are still swaddling her. She is to the point where she will escape anything (with exception to the miracle blanket) by the time i get to the next room and look at the monitor...she rolls over all over the place (even in the swaddle) but the kid can NOT sleep unswaddled.... 
She will yank her pacifier out of her mouth, grab the crib slits, prop herself up on her arms to look around the room, anything but sleep. Swaddled is literally the only way she will sleep.

At what age do you think it's ridiculous to still be swaddling a baby? Or do you think just keep doing it as long as it works?
I've tried the whole only swaddle on arm thing already and it doesn't help because she just uses that hand to pull out her pacifier or grab stuff...


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  • Also why the heck won't my ticker change? I have changed it like 100 times from the pregnancy one to the baby one and it keeps changing back. Anyone else having  this problem?
  • Totally fine to keep swaddling as long as it's safe..no blankets going over baby's face.  My boy is in the miracle blanket and he somehow works both arms out most nights...but does not sleep well without swaddled yet.  We've been trying to get him to nap during the day without it, and that is going well so far.
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  • A gal on my home board swears be the Merlin's magic sleep suit. I believe her almost one year old still sleeps in the suit.
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  • The Merlin sleep suit is great to transition out of swaddling, my lo would not sleep unless he was in the Merlin sleep suit. He wore it from about 5 months to 8 months. We just weaned him from the sleep suit. Had one rough night and then started sleeping through the night for the first time.
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    Being a FTM, I can't really answer your question about when it's crazy to keep swaddling because I've never been there. All I'll say is, even though DD could wriggle her arms free, I would worry that she'd roll herself over in her sleep and not be able to wriggle free. BUT, that's just me, and I've read several times that it's ok to swaddle them until they don't want to be swaddled any more.

    Our AC wasn't working one night a few months ago, DD was about 4 months. Because she runs so hot, swaddling just wasn't an option because she was boiling almost immediately. So, we just let her sleep unswaddled and it actually worked out well. Once she learned how to start rolling over, was able to prop herself up, and now has figured out how to move around her crib, it takes a little longer for her to fall asleep. But she does, eventually. We started putting her in a sleepsack about a week ago to prevent her from getting her legs stuck in the crib slats, and that seems to be helping her sleep better. Since she's so mobile, you may just wanna give it a shot for a few nights and see if she's able to kind of wean herself. Maybe she just needs time to learn to settle herself?

    ETA: Not saying what you're doing is wrong or that you should stop swaddling her, I just wanted to share my experience is all.
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